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Utilizing weekly coaching sessions paired with mindfulness "homework" we will work together on applying the wisdom of the Enneagram to the unique complexity of your everyday life. These sessions will assist in bringing awareness to your automatic patterns and provide you with skills and tools to choose growth where otherwise you might have "fallen asleep" to your movement in the world. Sessions are one hour in length, weekly.

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Leveraging his training and experience in Internal Family Systems, Stephen will guide you into contact and conversation with various pieces of your psyche, called "Parts." These Parts are often unseen and misunderstood, creating inner resistance and keeping old patterns intact. Parts Work brings you into relationship and understanding with these Parts, allowing for more harmony and agency.

These are hour long sessions that create lasting change through cultivating trust with all of the Parts that make up YOU.

These can be standalone sessions, packages, and mixed with Mindful Enneagram coaching sessions.

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