Steve is systems thinker, always on the lookout for useful models to help himself, his teammates, clients, and classes make better sense of themselves and the world. 

In his day-job, Steve leads a team of highly technical professionals, investing heavily in their personal and career development. His side-gigs have a tendency to be centered on learning, applying, teaching, and coaching the models and systems he's learned and is developing.

Steve has been teaching the Enneagram for five years and launched his Enneagram coaching practice as a Covid-era side project. In that same amount of time Steve has been building a mindfulness practice that expands his awareness and grows his capacity to pay attention to his inner landscape. Mindful Enneagram is the synthesis of these two systems into a coaching curriculum. 

For more details of my story please head over to the Podcast page under "Guest Appearances" where I discuss my background on the Nearly Numinous podcast.