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Stephen is systems thinker, always on the lookout for useful models to help himself, his teammates, clients, and students make better sense of themselves and the world. 

In his day-job, he leads a global team of high performing technology professionals, investing heavily in their personal and career development. His hobbies and side businesses are centered on learning, applying, teaching, and coaching the models and systems he's learned and is developing.

Shortly after discovering and applying the Enneagram in 2015, Stephen started building a mindfulness practice, expanding his awareness and growing his capacity to pay attention to the vast inner landscape outlined in the Enneagram teachings. Mindful Enneagram is the synthesis of the Enneagram and Mindfulness into a coaching methodology. 

He has been teaching the Enneagram since 2018 and launched his Enneagram coaching practice in 2020.

In August of 2022 Stephen completed a year long Enneagram training in Conscious Living with Russ Hudson, President of the Enneagram Institute, and Jessica Dibb. With this certification he is considered "Enneagram Informed" and he applies the deep knowledge obtained through this rigorous training in each coaching session and class that he teaches.

Along with the Enneagram, Stephen has found Internal Family Systems, or Parts Work, profoundly useful for deeply exploring, understanding, and creating expansive change within ourselves. In Winter of 2023 Stephen completed an immersive IFS training with the organization Self-Capacities (Bonnie Weiss, Jay Early, PhD). Stephen has also been trained by Dr. Alexia Rothman on the intersection of IFS and Polyvagal Theory, and he is excited to get to offer this powerful modality to his clients.

For more details please head over to the Podcast page under "Guest Appearances" where Stephen discusses his background on the Nearly Numinous podcast.

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