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Enneagram Coaching

Looking to learn your Enneagram type? Not clear on your wings or instinctual variant stacking? Feeling stuck in your inner work? Need to develop a mindfulness practice but aren't sure where to start? These sessions are tailored for targeting your specific needs right where you are on your personal journey.


IFS Parts Work

Internal Family Systems is a power tool for mapping and dialoguing with various parts of our psyche that we may not be aware of. Stephen is trained in facilitating Parts Work sessions that will carry you into your inner landscape to make contact, learn from, and build trust with the parts that make up your unique Internal Family.

These sessions can be powerful on their own but also have an amplifying effect on inner work when coupled with knowledge and coaching around our Enneagram type.

Rates Negotiable

Enneagram Teaching & Workshops

I'm available for online and in-person Enneagram classes. I love creating custom courses and workshops tailored to the needs of different groups. A few examples of modules I can build with you and deliver to your team are:

  • Introduction to the Enneagram

    • A primer course on the core teachings of the Enneagram and the Enneagram types.​

  • The Enneagram in the Workplace

    • How to leverage the Enneagram to build a culture of empathy, create better teams, and lead more effectively.​

  • The Practical, Applied Enneagram

    • Learn to take the teachings of the Enneagram and details of your core type into your day and cultivate practices that expand you beyond your automatic patterns.​


These are difficult times for many people. Mindful Enneagram wants to be as accessible as possible for individuals across the socio-economic spectrum. If you'd like to work with us but are unable to meet the rates laid out above please don't hesitate to reach out and discuss the possibilities of coaching at a reduced rate or through our scholarship program.

If you're someone who believes in what Mindful Enneagram is doing and would like to donate to our scholarship fund please connect!

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